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National Dog Day

While it’s National Dog Day at my house every day, today it’s actually recognized on the internet. I’d be remiss…

This/That: Mid-Week Edition

*This week’s This/That is delayed, thanks to the lovely and all-too-reliable Time Warner Cable. Yeah, TWC, I’m talkin’ to YOU….

3 Dog (Fort) Night

The last two weeks we have had a trio of canines scampering beneath our feet and it has been SPLENDID….

8 Years of Grace

This Sunday (MOVING DAY) is Gracie’s birthday! September 15th, 2005 is when we adopted our precious pup, and September 15,…

Catskills Coles

This is the escape we have longed for. Just our family of four surrounded by mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests, fog…

Coles in the Catskills

We are in the Catskills hiking, eating, sleeping, and relaxing like we haven’t in YEARS. This is a much-needed escape…

Happy Birthday Milo Shoe!

Four years ago tonight we adopted Milo Shoeshine from Sugar Mutts Rescue. He is our third rescue dog, our second…

Robed Grace

Just because. 

Custom Dog Portraits

Cristina Victor is a California-based multi-faceted talented artist friend of ours who has recently gotten into DOG PORTRAITS. When I…

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