Feel free to send Strudel some love and energy if you have some to spare. While Gracie feels amazing and her energy is higher than ever, there have been several more tumors and I am going in for a consultation with our wonderful vet, Dr. Eisner right now. On my own. So maybe also send love to me.

UPDATE: No news is good news. While Gracie does have more mast cell tumors, including one on her precious, perfect head, the vet said we can just keep on keeping on. We don’t want to do invasive surgery on our happy, full of life, 11-year-old dog. Gracie feels healthy right now and surgery would only tell her she isn’t. It may take the tumor out, but as we keep learning, there will always be another. Our vet and we are going to keep doing our best to slow the cancer down with raw food, immune support, and a mix of different holistic herbs and supplements that encourage movement in her blood and discourage the growth of cancer cells.

We will keep cherishing every single day and will plan on no travel without our smallest companion. It’s all about Gracie, all about our little family spending as much quality time together as possible. As our incredibly evolved vet, Dr. Eisner, said: “All we have on this earth is time.” There is no way to know how much time, as we knew before it could take a turn at any point. But that is true for everyone. So we stay in the perfect moment where Gracie is thriving and here and safe. She is my best friend and the world is beautiful with her in it.