My husband has been up in arms about a rogue black whisker. See, the above fool right has a bunch of adorable, fluffy little whiskers around his MUZZLE (how cute is that word). They are all white, with the exception of one tiny little black mini-whisker and a big, bold black whisker on the left side of his muzzle. Will and I discuss the one, lone whisker at length, along with other fascinating dog details like the fact that Gracie’s paws smell like tortilla chips. About a month ago, Will wanted to document Milo’s lone black whisker with a detail portrait photo of it, when he realized it was gone. It must have FALLEN OUT. Oh dear. He was displeased to say the least. Since then, I have heard a lot about this whisker situation and how Milo better be working hard at growing it back. Thank heavens time marches on, seasons change, and beagle’s whiskers grow. The lone black whisker has returned in all it’s glory, William Battle Cole III. Rest assured, your Shoeshine is complete once more.