Four years ago tonight we adopted Milo Shoeshine from Sugar Mutts Rescue. He is our third rescue dog, our second beagle, and one of the loves of our life. He is a challenge and a half in the sense that he might BITE YOU, but he is only that way due to abuse and neglect by his previous humans. Every day he tries so hard to be good, to behave, and to not be “so nervous” that he is alive. We adore this little bundle of beagle and would not trade him for the world, even if in that world was another beagle who looked just like him but didn’t sometimes bite the air or you. Because that cute, non-biting beagle wouldn’t be our Shoe. We love you Shoe! We love that you still try to chase after every truck or skateboard that comes your way, that you love to dive bomb the carpet right after I vacuum, your one lone black whisker, your flip flops ears, your heavy black eyeliner, the way your lip gets caught in your teeth while you sleep (see above), your adoration of Gracie Strudel, the excitement you get every day when we play fetch, your sweet loving licks, and your kind and loyal soul.

This weekend I will celebrate my fathers from afar and Will, my dog baby daddy, in person. Enjoy your weekend my dears!

Mo’ Milo: