the ETSY lab party was rad and very successful. it was super fun, packed, and great to see so many artists & designers in this amazing space. the loft is so beautiful with the old wood panel walls, the high ceilings, huge windows with a view of manhattan. it’s just an amazing space right here in Brooklyn. the party was fun, i met a lot of great people and saw a bunch of friends.
people were blown away by the incredible resources available. look at this megatron-war-of-the-worlds-screen-printer. it’s amazing.

this is Bre Pettis from MAKE zine. a rad, polite guy, Bre is a seattle-based artist who makes things.

the lovely folks at MAKE also put out CRAFT. my buddy, neighbor, director, & weekly speed-uno teammate, Dave Shuff from Professor Bright Films was kind enough to get me a subscription for the year. i am cised. it’s an incredible publication for people part of this incredible craft movement. CRAFT has projects with very easy instructions, detailing what you will need, exactly how much it will cost to make, and a detailed guide to help you along. craft and make celebrate and high-light indie designers and artists, and like Etsy, give us a forum to get our voice out there.

this is Nora from BURDA, this awesome new company for do-it-yourself style.

burda is like a virtual sewing circle, where you can find, download and make their beautiful patterns. i love this mustard coat. it looks as if it was made for my boots, so i’m going to download this and make it. thank you, BURDA!
here’s Alison Lewis, the producer of SWITCH which sprung out from her personal exploration with electronics and design. check out her show and up-coming books for projects that make a neato combo of crafts and technology.