Let’s take a moment for Miss Lindsay Hart, a hip Washington, D.C. designer who started her own killer design company El Harto Imports. With keen style and skills, her bags are somethin’ to see.

Along with Morgan Hungerford of Muss, Lindsay contributes to Panda Head, a notable style blog that celebrates great fashion on the streets of our nations capital.
NEST interviews Lindsay Hart on her indie company El Harto Imports

NEST:When did El Harto Imports begin?
Lindsay Hart:First of all, the name “El Harto” comes from an old nickname I had growing up. It turns out it actually loosely translates to “fed up” in Spanish, which is a great segway into why I started making bags! It all began about 2 years ago, making things for myself and friends. I was always frustrated with not having enough room in my purses to carry around all my crap. I am also not really a big fan of the popular designer labels with their leather and their tassel things and their awful prints (not to mention awful prices). I wanted to create bags for hip kids who’s preferences don’t fall under the extremes in bag design… hippy sacks or huge designer “hobos”.

N:What inspires you to work?
L.H.:Spring! Honestly, warm weather inspires me to make bags that will go with all those adorable sundresses. It is also a great break in the everyday. Creating something from nothing has always been satisfying to me. European fashion is also quite inspiring. and DENIM. If anyone out there is coming to Stylistics on April 21st, prepare for El Harto DENIM OVERLOAD.

N:What are your fav staple pieces in your wardrobe (clothes, bags, accessories)?
L.H.:Cheap Monday black high wasted jeans, this gold and black necklace i found at a flea market in VA, my lapel pin collection, my bright blue winter scarf. And all my El Harto bags. It takes a lot of will power not to wear the ones that I sell.

Thanks Lindsay! It’s totally understandable why it’s hard to let go of your killer bags. They rule, girl. This is my new amazing yellow perfection. Check out the durable, unique buckle clasp. So rad. And I’ll always be able to find it in a dark bar. What a great bonus. No if they only made sets of keys in that color, it would save me so much time.

*Yellow bag photographed with my brand new striped bag from fresh new indie company, Clap.

New on the scene, Clap is the sassy, fresh bag company by Cortney Hungerford, Morgan’s younger sister. Cortney busts out fun, brave, evolved designs for such a young company. Clap just started, like five seconds ago, in January, and already rocks stuff like this…

I was lucky enough to get this fantastic thrifted, recycled, perfected bag when she came through town.

I can’t wait to see what my friends Lindsay, Morgan & Cortney of El Harto, Muss & Claphave in store for all of us at Stylistics 2. I’m bringing Enderby from Brooklyn to D.C. for the event, so everyone in the D.C. area or within driving distance should come to the Rock and Roll Hotel on April 21st for the Style Event of the year!