Nest, meet Trashion. Trashion, meet Nest.

Trashion is a new part of the DIY movement that focuses on upcycling trash and making it into fashion. What exactly is upcycling? Simply creating something new with repurposed materials. Don’t go picturing poor artists sifting through garbage pails for materials or objects. Trashion shows you that reusing and upcycling can be a super-creative and clean endeavor. From used vinyl to repurposed newspaper, we throw away a plethora of supplies with potential. Of course, my favorite artist utopia Etsy jumped on board and created their own EtsyTrashion Street Team. Etsy, if for some odd reason you don’t already know, is this cool, easy-to-follow website that sells all things handmade. So many of their crafters already create with recycled materials and the EtsyTrashion Street Team created the perfect forum for this rad art to grow and evolve.

The Etsy Trashion shop is filled with upcycled art and accessories from artists committed to sharing the green gospel. Enderby items will be added to the EtsyTrashion shop soon. In the meantime, check out this rad vinyl cuff by Eye Pop Art that upcycles with old records. Really cool stuff.

Be sure to check in with the EtsyTrashion blog for shop updates, trunk shows and earth-friendly upcycled fashion. A very big thank you Guylaine of Tomate d’epingles. Who creates lovely recycled jewelry and runs the EtsyTrashion blog. Guylaine was so kind and generous to invite me along as a contributor to the blog. Thank you, and I look forward to getting to know the artists and process of this exciting new Trashion team and sharing what I find.

The next Etsy trashion team trunk show will be held July 27, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Etsylabs in Brooklyn. Check the Trashion blog for detail.