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Beverly Hills, Alexandria, Virginia 🏑 Growing up in this neighborhood with its variety of gorgeous homes from every decade is a big reason my sister @dykhuis and I got so interested in houses and architecture

“You can thank the shape of a triangle for that.” -Things my husband says πŸ”Ί Found this chicken scratch note that I scribbled down over a year ago because @williedictionary’s brain is both fascinating and amusing and I’m forever interested in how it oh-so-uniquely works.

Planting seeds and watching them grow

When our Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment was featured in @timeoutnewyork and I started specifically asking journalists to use the words “rescue dogs” when describing our family every time I was interviewed for anything, secretly pushing my hippy agenda to save all the dogs through home decor. Naked Gracie looks so tiny and so proud #2009


“You look good wearing my future.” ❀️ Current & forever mood.

I hope you’re feeling love in some shape or way today, be it with your bestie, your boo, your rescue dog. To celebrate with your fav youtubers visit @hgtvhandmade today for all the Valentine’s Day DIYs you could dream of. πŸ’—πŸ’˜πŸ’—

Real life 2 caught by @williedictionary

Real life caught by @williedictionary

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