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11 years married to the love of my life and my best friend. “You look good wearing my future.” ❤️

This betch got her hair done.

“I feel sad sometimes because every day I tell my mom if I can get some Garbage Pale Kids stickers.” -@williedictionary, 1986

Happy Birthday @petra.kennedy13! Is this our natural hair color?

I am home unexpectedly helping my mom and I unearthed cherished relics from my grandmother, my mother, and me. 3 generations of strong, smart, liberal women. When I’m here in my Nana’s house, now my mom’s and the family homestead, I FEEL my roots deeply. I feel my tender hearted red head Papa who was the Dean of Education here at Penn State, my Democratic Chairwoman Nana whose name is tattooed to my arm, my deeply empathic and hilarious mom as a young girl growing up with three brothers. My grandparents marched in the civil rights marches, funded young women’s reproductive health, canned their own fruit, ran a tight ship and raised 4 kids on teachers salaries. Then they helped raise me like I was their own with so much love and respect. For today’s root chakra for @emayacircle I reflect on this collection of relics from 3 generations of strong women and I celebrate where I come from.

The space I take up right now is sometimes a quiet determined warrior, present and in total surrender. Sometimes the space I take up is a fierce determination to do it all, to rebuild this life bigger and fuller than it’s ever been. And sometimes it’s bummed and grumpy, using every ounce of energy and patience to keep moving forward. Sometimes its a puddle. Sometimes the space is just space, and I’m floating and I’m here and that’s enough. It’s all okay and I’m not sorry. All the while, the space I take up is always white, so it is always privileged and I hope to spend that privilege on amplifying the space of my sisters and non-cisters. We are not sorry.

Recovery Survival Kit / Good things that have brought comfort & support during the last few weeks: .
*I’ll forget a bunch and not in this order .
-Sitting in our garden in the breeze .
-Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I avoid dairy & gluten and indulge when I want and I NEED mint chocolate chip RN, ok? .
-Housewives. Old, new, any city. I’LL TAKE ‘EM. .
-Speaking of Housewives @bravohistorian has single-handedly gotten be out of bed some mornings. .
-My mom staying with us the entire first week to help with food, dishes, LOVE, everything. She’s an angel among humans. .
-With Will’s help “we” (I sat there with an ice pad art directing) switched the rugs from the office to the living room and it’s a GAME CHANGER. It’s amazing what a little change can do to refresh a space. .
-We finished OITNB the first week or so after surgery and it was an incredible end to a phenomenal series. I can’t get the many women whom I’ve grown to love out of my head. .
-Puzzles. Specifically 1,000 piece puzzles of little villages in the late summer, now early fall. .
-I haven’t done yoga again yet, but the practice that @emayacircle has taught me has elevated my health and the strength of my body significantly. Their program gave me tools to ride this recovery with more ease. .
-Old 80s/90s true crime Lifetime movies streaming on Amazon Prime. Some days tv is all I could/can deal with and this time warp was a super fun nostalgic trip back to simpler times and lower budgets. .
-Building back up to walks in our giant-park-like neighborhood. .
-That these impeachment proceedings finally making real forward motion .
-Chelsea Handler’s Book Life Will Be The Death of Me .
-Thoughtful & generous offerings of delicious food from dear ones like Michaela, Christine, Colleen, Matt, & our parents .
-Comfort care packages from friends like Petra, Michaela, Barret, Mariel, Daisy, Connie .
-Fierce love & frequent messages from my tribe of dear ones like the aforementioned and Lolo, Anthony, Tori, Lizzie, Justin, Ali, Kyle, Jenny, Corinne & more .
-Therapy .
-More Housewives

There is still room… ✨

As a wise friend of mine says “Slow is smooth” when it comes to life and recovery and really just everything. Being forced to slow down for multiple mandatory recovery periods is challenging on many levels, but embracing and accepting the present moment helps. “Slow is smooth.” – @wonder_woman_lives

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