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The view from my parent’s and before that my grandparent’s home in State College, PA where we visited a week or so ago. It was peak fall vibes, visuals, and temperature and the backyard is the perfect place to sit in meditation. @williedictionary caught this zen moment in my favorite house in one of my favorite towns

DIY 80s throwback costumes are always the way to go for Halloween. Click the link in my bio for some Say Anything, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, Top Gun, and Goonies never say die vibes. But first you have to do the Truffle Shuffle. Come oooon. DO IT

This look is life. I’m receiving high-fashion chic and modern ‘Working Girl’ vibes in a MAJ way and those broad shoulders paired with a sleek middle-parted bun moment is everything I’m needing in life right now. I literally can’t handle this. @barretwertz & @dejonnyc I’m going to need a weigh-in. 🙌🏼

DIY Twin Peaks Laura Palmer costume flashback Friday to Halloween 2015

Thrift stores are havens for Halloween costumes and today on @hgtvhandmade, @williedictionary & I challenge each other to see who can come up with the best idea. We have tips for where to start and how to round them out in the video linked in my bio. My costume doubles as a second lewk with two simple changes for a low-budget high-impact Halloween experience. Travel back to the ‘90’s with us in our Thrift Store Halloween Couples Costume Challenge & vote your pick in comments

Infinite love for my ride or die dreamboat, @williedictionary.

DIY Halloween Throwback: Rosie the Riveter. We can do it 2005/2006. The entire costume was thrifted. I found a vintage navy work jumpsuit, cut up a kid’s shirt for the red polka dot bandana, put my hair in pin curls, laminated a paper printed patch, and sketched on eyebrow makeup

We moved from one gorgeous city to another. These Capital Hill townhouses sure make me SWOON with love for our city, our home, and this big life-changing move. Good call, Coles. WASHINGTON, D.C. is where it’s at for us now

This is why I moved to D.C. 🇺🇸 Photo by @williedictionary

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