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Color Inspiration from Domino Magazine 〰🔺🔵 @dominomag 📷 by Brittany Ambridge

For years I’ve missed out on my life. I’ve missed school, work, and family events because I was too sick to get out of bed. Doctors told me I had a low pain tolerance, that my pain was all in my head, that crippling periods were normal and that I just needed to grin and bear it. In reality, I had an invasive disease covering most of my organs.
This standard of treatment is far too common among the 176 million suffering from endometriosis. I DESERVE BETTER. WE ALL DESERVE BETTER. Today, I’m speaking out to call The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – ACOG National (ACOG) to work with patient advocates and expert providers to change how this disease is treated.
Please COPY, PASTE and SHARE this post if you or someone you love has endometriosis. Together let’s show ACOG that we won’t stand by while 176 million people suffer in silence

“Land really is the best art.”
Warhol Wall Quote
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5 Women to Watch / Female Run Projects & Spaces

1: @Lenawaithe is a history-making, award-winning actress, producer, and writer, and she’s sharing her genius with us by gracing the cover of Vanity Fair. Ms. Waithe’s call to action
I’m heading to a newsstand right now to pick up a few copies and I can’t wait to hear what’s in her BRAIN.

2: The multi-talented Hungerford sisters built and run @ACreativeDC, the multi-platform site that connects, collabs with, and celebrates diverse, talented artists and emerging entrepreneurs in the D.C. area. You’ll discover so much to do & see from this one killer space, including sisters supporting sisters and I AM HERE FOR THAT.

3 women have Endometriosis, it can steal your choice of being a parent, cement your internal organs together, it’s more prevalent than asthma or diabetes and yet there’s a 10+ year average to just get diagnosed. There’s no cure but there are safe treatments and very unsafe treatments so advocacy is key to helping over 10% of women. Shannan Cohn breaks down the mystery disease in the fascinating documentary, @EndoWhat, that every woman should watch. For each purchase of the film, one DVD copy is distributed to schools to advocate awareness in hopes to prevent the next generation from suffering as much as we have.

4: @otherwild is the LGBTQ owned and run independent shop filled with cool, unique pieces. The aesthetic is so rad and the ethos is evolved, embracing intersectionality in all aspects. Body positivity, gender neutrality, and fluid af, Otherwild is a favorite shop of mine located in NYC, LA, and online.
5: @ppindkentucky is the one that provides accessible, affordable, crucial healthcare to women in Indiana and Kentucky. 2 BIG STATES. 1 Planned Parenthood. @ebethsorrell did a fundraiser for them in 2017, teaching me and others the illuminating fact that the states with fewer PP’s are the ones who need our support the most. This individual healthcare provider posts helpful information and advocacy we can all benefit from by following them.
Photo from @otherwild Art in photo by @gotagirlcrush @jbbrager @mariahraegillespie

DIY Designer Wall Hanging you can make at home on @hgtvhandmade today 🌿 linknin bio ◻️⚫️◻️

Warm Sand
Pantone Party
Art Direction, Jen Ng
Photographs, Jessica Bruah
Talent, Gracie Strudel

Gracie, the honor was all ours.
We will carry you with us forever. ❤

Inspiring Interior 〰 North Audley Canteen, Mayfair London

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