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Gracie 2020

🎂 motivationmonday

Chihuahuas lose their teeth as they age and their tongues end up sticking out like this but they are so badass and confidant they’re like “what? I am who I am” no matter what and I just find their confidence level really impressive.

I ordered a rainbow mirror from @urbanoutfitters in an attempt to start 2018 on a bright note & am currently trying not to take that it arrived shattered as an omen.‬ ✨🌈 ‪✨

Did I move several times with these 3D paper triangles that I made years ago with one of those moves being multiple states away. Yes. Yes I did. 🔺🔺🔺 These pieces were part of a wall installation in @makemagazine (2012) and a “flat” Christmas tree on @hgtvhandmade (2014). There’s another unique DIY use for tiny ombré pink & purple triangles coming to a screen near you to brighten your winter up.

Happy Snow Day ❄️🏠☕️

When you hit pause and it somehow encapsulates an entire year for the country and your current mood.

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✨Happy New Year ✨

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