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Not that you’re asking, but if you were to ever enquire about some life advice from me I could only say this:
Adopt dogs, vote in every single election, read real books, surround yourself with trusted high vibe people, feel your feelings then let them go, learn how to sit alone and breathe in silence in the discomfort of life and know you’re still okay, take care of the earth like it’s your only home, and if you choose to share your life with someone choose an evolved eco intersectional feminist. They are the best ones.
Trust me. I’m FORTY.


Still REELING and FEELING it all. Throwing it back to us attending a Nats game last year because it wasn’t in the cards to attend this year but we’ve been obsessively watching these games alternating between biting our nails and cheering fervently and I don’t think we slept much last night but it was all worth it because now we are WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!! Go Nats! Go Washington

And scene.

Still soaking in today’s magical morning walk with Frankie here in Virginia. Walking under a canopy of trees in a park every day still feels like a luxury after living 15 years in the exquisite concrete jungle of NYC. Leaving New York was very hard to do on a lot levels, and the transition taught me a lot.
When we let go of what is no longer serving us, there is space. In that space we have room to breathe, reboot, recharge, and connect to where we are and what we need. THEN we can create more of a life that serves us. I’m still breathing, rebooting, recharging and still creating space and still creating a life that serves me because I get the privilege of being alive. So here we are.
How are you creating space for yourself right now?

The Virginia State House race on November 5th will determine the next decade of our democracy. The VA State House will dictate how we re-district (aka GERRYMANDER) every state. This will set the tone for ALL issues across the country for years to come, making it possibly MORE important than the presidential race. We can not rely on impeachment, we must vote and win. If you’re looking to make a major impact you can focus on this crucial final push until 11/5.
If you’re in VA or nearby, come canvas and help GOTV in person. It has the most impact face-to-face. From your couch in any state you can text voters, phone bank, and donate to the link in my bio that goes directly to the 12 flippable seats.
We are in the final countdown to one day that will effect all yet to come. As the honorable Elijah Cummings said:
“When we’re dancing with the angels, the question will be asked…what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact?”

Are we a 90’s sitcom?

This is 40.
This weekend I was carried through one decade into another by my people. We laughed until it hurt, sang our hearts out, DANCED our asses off, bonded with my mom, took a Pedicab ride around my favorite town, hung with the Nittany Lion, had fires every night, ate s’mores, went to a pumpkin festival, had a beautiful yoga class in my family home, had dinner where I’ve eaten with my grandparents, & wrote 100 postcards to Virginia voters.
To those who were there virtually, you reflected back to me the woman I am when I needed the reminder. Thank you, she’s fierce and I love her.
The night after everyone left Will and I had a major life-changing moon ritual where I set my intentions for this next phase of life. I am leaving so much pain behind and bringing such abundance forward.
I have learned so much in 40 years, and the most important thing is to speak your truth. Expect my voice. A roar is coming.

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