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Braved the snow in the fiercest Elizabeth Jennings inspired lewk I could serve.

Happy snow day! ❄️


Loved checking out the very rad record wall at @furnacemfg headquarters while on a @handstandrecords & @sewernyc field trip with @williedictionary. ⚫️⚪️🔵

Third annual Valentine’s Day post of @katemadeira’s badass resistance embroidery. Love trumps hate. ❤️

What are some of the ways you’re celebrating Black History month? We are always trying to find ways we can walk the walk, not just in February but all year long. Some ideas; supporting black-owned businesses, supporting charities that empower communities of color, reading books by authors of color, exposing ourselves to art, films, stories, podcasts, web series, and varying works by black people. We can also look and learn about so many hidden figures who’ve built this beautiful country. I’d love to hear other ideas in the comments. One not-so-hidden figure to learn from is the glass-ceiling-breaker Shirley Chisholm whom I imagine would be very proud that her legacy has led to so many female candidates and leaders today.
“Shirley Chisholm had long been known for breaking barriers. Four years before, she’d become the first black U.S. Congresswoman in history as a Representative of her New York district. When she launched her primary campaign in January of ‘72, she became the first black person to seek the presidential nomination from one of the two major parties (the first woman was Margaret Chase Smith, who sought the Republican nomination in 1964). Her slogan was: “Unbought and Unbossed.”
– @history

I often daydream about the headboard in this PERFECT SCENE that I recently read took 61 takes because all 4 actors were on 3 different stages on the same set to get the perfect timing. 61 times and “nine extra floors”.

I found myself in a deep Kurt Cobain / Nirvana Pinterest rabbit hole AND NOW WE’RE HERE. 🙌🏼

Fresh lemon zest 🍋

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