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Swipe for actions. Art by @kristinamicotti

Breonna Taylor was asleep in her bed in the middle of the night when 3 police officers came inside her home and murdered her. They had the wrong house.
One was fired yesterday, the other two murderers are still police officers. No charges have been brought *as of now.
Demand justice for Bre. She and all Black women deserve better than this.
Text ENOUGH to 55156
After countless calls from outraged allies, Mayor Fischer disconnected phone, so we are finding other ways to be heard.
Go to @colorofchange to sign the petition, contact the council members, and get up to date actions.
Art by @jennydoh

As a little incentive to continue investing in the Black community, I’m offering free BLM art to you! Send me a screenshot of your donation of $25 or more to the nonprofit of your choice, your mailing address, and art preference. There are a few of each design, and I’ll do my best to get you your favorite one-of-a-kind watercolor painting.
Some donation suggestions are @blklivesmatter @innocenceproject @bailproject @naacp_ldf @blacktranstravelfund and City Neighbors Foundation, linked in my bio. But any investment in the Black community counts. *City Neighbors Foundation works to develop public schools that focus on equity and the arts. @raindancer80 is on the board focusing on diversity and inclusion, and alerted me to this wonderful Baltimore-based organization. Donating to them would be a lovely way to thank Raina for her work yesterday.
Thank you to everyone who is giving their time, money, and work to the Black community. Let’s keep the momentum up

We’re finding these hand painted stones around our neighborhood while out on walks. Making these with your kids is a great way to get them involved creatively and start talking about the reality of racism.
My educator parents started the dialogue about racism with me before I can remember, and it was *always* a part of the conversation. I think that practice at home helped me speak up at school at an earlier age. I still have MUCH TO LEARN as we all do, but that early exposure was the first step to working on being anti-racist. It’s never too early and it’s never too late.

My period is now eco and Black-woman owned thanks to @femlybox. Many of my white friends are switching household brands and investing in Black-owned companies and I RECOMMEND THIS ONE. ANY time we re-distribute the wealth to a Black woman or to a black-owned company it is the action of putting your wallet where your mouth is. To make this a lifelong shift, sharing companies that produce well-made eco products we use *regularly* is crucial. I’m so grateful that is such a high quality/low impact brand that supports people who menstruate. I’m a convert forevs. Yes, they have tampons and cups too

A GOOD PLACE TO START. **This is not an exhausted list by any means

“When the world listens to women, it listens to white women. For far too long, Black women’s voices have gone unheard, even though they’ve been using their voices loudly for centuries to enact change. Today, more than ever, it is NECESSARY that we create a unifying action to center Black women’s lives, stories, and calls to action. We need to listen to Black women.” I’m proud of my good friend @caseyrosewilson for leveraging her big, beautiful platform to along with many other allies. Due to this initiative I’ve heard stories and ideas from Black women I wouldn’t have otherwise.
I have a much smaller platform but my offer is the same. I humbly offer to any Black woman to utilize my tiny space, it’s yours. DM me any time if I can possibly amplify you.

Thank you to those of you who are still here listening and learning with me. With so many of us. I am unfollowing anyone NOT doing the work and I’m totally cool with any white privileged folks unfollowing me. Because this.
This post. I admit that it unmoored me. It unmoored me because it’s true.
We have failed. White people have really failed our Black brothers and sisters and I thought I knew how much we failed but then I’ll hear, see, or read something that reveals another layer of white privilege that I contributed to and it’s on a new level.
We have to do better, and I put it on me. I HAVE to do better. I was never blind to it, but my eyes failed to fully see. No more.

Each of these names was somebody’s baby.

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