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@vidcon edition: VidCon is sheer insanity but last year’s sweet & super fun reunion with old favorite friends @corinneleigh @timshey & @robczar was the best times I’ve had there. Miss you dudes. 🖤

Word. 🦄✨💅🏼 By @lisacongdon

Mood board moment 〰◽️〰

New York City, where everyday errands are always in a historic setting.

Monday mood ☕️☀️☕️

Walks around the block every night, 31 flavors ice cream cones, football practice sidelines, pinning my hair back in hand-painted barrettes, those few years it was just the two of us, our Irish setter Brandy, singing to the jukebox, skiing, playing Name That Tune to oldies 100 in the car, home games, hot dogs & chocolate milk, reading to me before bed, attending EVERY play or game I’ve ever been in, moving me up to NYC, phone calls on December 8th because we love John Lennon, doing the Thriller dance at my wedding, and traveling to NYC for 24 hours while I have surgery just this year. Happy Father’s Day to the dads who take the time to get in your grill and stay there. ❤

The cutest summer print 💦

Brooklyn backyard birdwatching 🦆🦅🦄

The city tried to kill me yesterday and truly *almost* succeeded. Let’s just say it ended with a strange man screaming at me on the street. Just another Tuesday in the city. At least we have filters. Namaste. 🙏🏼

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