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Make a modern hanging planter to get that layered jungalow room decor look with a few simple items from the craft store. Learn how on @hgtvhandmade, link in profile

Forever Mood: Joan Didion

Plants are my favorite home accessory. Indoor and outdoor gardening both serve as a creative meditation practice that is deeply rewarding and therapeutic during times of healing and trauma. Also plants are just pretty

Inspiring Interior: Herbert H Wise & Jeffrey Weiss Living Places, 1976

My day took an unexpected turn that of course included tears in a stranger’s chair again. Memoir title?

You know you’ve lived in NYC when you can do a to a Hipster Dogs photoshoot where your dog embodied Devo and @sonjapacho captured her perfection and Jenny Ng worked her aesthetic magic and we had a gaggle of dogs and an entire crew in my 1.5 bedroom apartment and we talked about what to do when your tiny dog gets “inverted sneezes” and no one was getting paid and it was magical. Spoiler alert: you just rub their throats 😂 The idea came from the genius brain of @funfetti_party

Outdoor spaces are EXTERIOR ROOMS that can expand your living space for at least 3 out of 4 seasons. Here’s some visual inspiration from @homestylemag for the backyard oasis I’m helping one of my clients create for herself. I offer in-person Room Makeovers and virtual design therapy and phone consults to help you make your house the home you want on any budget

Inspiring Interior: Kimothy Joy’s light & plant filled living space is giving me the design inspiration I need on this sloooow Monday morning. It IS Monday, right? *The throw is faux, of course* 🌿 House tour via @apartmenttherapy

Celebrating every hard earned victory along the way! First big, multi-event outing was so much fun. Took so much prep, was tough, am paying for it today big time, but it was SO worth the joy of the experience

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