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Brooklyn babies

When your friends come to town and you both hold your babies. ❤️

Be mindful of the power of your beliefs. 🌗 Via @_mkcreative

When George Michael’s Faith comes on the karaoke, you come to the mic. This one’s for you, Whitney. This was at a fundraiser today for Whitney, a badass woman, dear friend, and amazing mother battling cancer for the third time and she truly deserves support. BFF extraordinaire, @emeraldandfigdesigns, is raising money for her in the link in my bio. Feel free to join us and stick it to cancer by donating a few bucks if you can spare. Fuck you, cancer. LOVE YOU, WHITNEY.

For anyone who saw & love my vintage rattan planter featured in today’s MACC video and want your own, @justinablakeney’s shop @justinablakeneyhome carries these BEAUTIES that are really similar. I’m in love. Click the link in my profile to watch the video & click on @justinablakeneyhome for the sweet planters. 🌿

Saving money while pulling a beautiful room together is my favorite game and today on MAC I show you 9 Home Decor Money-Saving Tips to create your dream space on-a-budget.

We filmed 4 MAC video ins & outs today and I legit can’t wait to share tomorrow’s Money-Saving Room Decor Tips video with you. Thank you @salonbisoux for giving me the blond of my dreams just in time for a whole bunch of shoots that required a major hair refresh. 💁🏼‍♀️

Eyeliner ON POINT 👁

This, THIS, a million times this. ⚖️

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