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Today is a tough day. Today I just can’t. Today is a reminder that healing is not linear, it’s a roller coaster filled with ups and downs that you can’t predict or control. But it’s just a hard day, and tomorrow could be better. If you’re having a hard day, I see you. I feel you. Tomorrow could be better

Wouldn’t be here if not for the wolves and pups that have walked by my side through this life

An MRI recently showed my uniquely skilled surgeon Dr. Gaby Moawad what my intuition and body pain told me, that Deeply Infiltrating Endometriosis had returned and was tethering my organs to my sides. On Thursday I had Endo Excision Surgery at GW Hospital to release them, and am now home recovering.
I first got a diagnosis in 2017 after years of begging doctors to take my pain seriously and received the gold standard of care for Endo from the amazing Dr. Iris Orbuch in NYC where I lived. She removed 26+ years of Endo from multiple organ systems, and finally seeing the disease validated the invisible anguish I’d endured untreated for years.
After surgery I had physical therapy for 6 months. I changed my diet to avoid gluten, dairy, processed sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. I moved from NYC to my hometown of Alexandria, Virginia for a healthier, more supported life. I’ve done yoga and meditated almost every day for a year and 3 months. I walk 1-3 miles a day. I put all my intention towards a healthy body that wouldn’t allow it to grow back.
But it did. Endo grows and we can do everything in our power to be as healthy and disease-free as possible and sometimes it still grows back. It’s a tough unpredictable disease that needs more research and advocacy.
So we get up, we advocate for ourselves, we go to the hard doctor appointments, and we get the surgery that our body needs. Because this is one of the few diseases that surgery is the best and only way to release your organs for some people.
This time it was only 2 1/2 years of growth, not 26. This time it won’t take as long to recover. This time I know my body so well I can navigate this with more insight and self compassion. And this time I’m documenting it all to help others fighting this life changing disease. The more empowered with knowledge, proper healthcare, and family support, the less Endo takes over everything, leaving room for us to live fuller & better lives.
If you have unexplained pain, debilitating periods, nausea, dizziness, migraines, find a doctor on Nancy’s Nook. Take @knowyourendo by @jessicamurnane, read Beating Endo by @dririsorbuch.
Endometriosis is tough, but we are tougher.

This is how we texted in the ‘90’s. The memes are correct.

Today we lay to rest our dear Jan in Arlington National Cemetery. I know he would be so proud to have his final wishes carried out with such honor. Cherish every day with your family. ❤️

Happy 3 months of Frankie Turnip! (On the 10th but still.) It’s remarkable how you can fall so deeply in love with your dog so quickly. No matter how long you get to be with them, they leave an impression on you for a lifetime. Sounds cheesy but it’s for real. We are super grateful for this squiggly snuggly sweet Turnip and @alexanimals for being such a well-run animal shelter that saves so many lives like Frankie’s

“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.”
Toni Morrison

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I had plans to do some basic human-ing this week but apparently IT’S NOT IN THE CARDS.

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