the bango sign is from anthropology. it sits with my nana’s picasso & matisse tiles that she hung in her bathroom. also up there is will’s grandparent’s vintage blender. random object, but it looks so great with the others. it no longer works well enough to really use, so it’s used as storage.

these are some vintage signs i’ve collected over the years. note the guinness sign that also works as a calendar. it has a magnetic circle to circle the day of the month. for us, it’s always the 13th, and always a good day for a brew. i picked that up sign when i was in ireland a few years ago. the signs are of different loves, likes, and come from different times & places in my life. animal crackers from a favorite aunt & uncle.

doggie butt-hooks from ikea

the beatles sign i picked up in london, age 14, and the coffee sign i can’t even remember. the print is an andy warhol campbell’s soup i picked up at ugly luggage a few years ago. ugly luggage is a great antique/vintage/thrifty-but-classy store: 214 bedford ave. & N. 5th St., williamsburg, brooklyn. off the L train. bedford stop.