spotlight on: allie & doug’s Cocktails at Le Chateau Lamude

interview with allie maddox on the cocktail party that took place at her boyfriend’s, doug lamude.

*chat with allie*

what was the menu?
menu: bacon wrapped scallops with lemon and pepper, olive tapenade & pita bread, gruyere (aged 1 year), smoked gouda, brie cheeses, an assortment of gourmet crackers, Doug’s homemade bruschetta, and of course, vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting & little heart sprinkles.
drinks: dirty martinis, bourbon, fine wines

what was the decor, or extra decorations if any?
just a super clean house is a must, and antique silver platters & flowers of course. we played pop culture trivial pursuit as well. that was super nerdfun.

what was your prior planning?
I started planning a week in advance, searched the web for delicious appetizers and finger foods. I came across this cute website with a section called “Cocktail Parties 101”, that was very helpful. start cleaning way in advance. chill and have a drink before the guests arrive. I also invited one of my best girlfriends to come over an hour early to help me. was surprisingly EASY and no stress.

*allie’s special touch:I did send out enderby thank you cards. that was cute.
(above:enderby card)

*nest was super-impressed by: the bacon-wrapped scallops, nice touch. the apron was all allie. maddox had it custom-designed for the shin-dig, to express her affinity for the delicious treat & to match the menu. even martha would be proud.

nice work, allie. looks like you had a really fun, relaxing time with no stress. rad.

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