i finding new ways to bring the outdoors inside your home. whether it’s found objects in nature you collect and use as art or decor, or this wallpaper that creates the look of a forest in your interior living space. a great resource for this is Fabrics & Papers. i love the faux wood finish. that is really cool. i know people hate the old wood panels in 60’s-70’s style basements, but i think they are pretty rad. i love the old school retro wood paneling mixed modern black and white furniture. add some unique antique pieces, and bold print pillows or drapes and you have a really eclectic room. or add a retro bar area and it’s an homage to the suburbia basement cocktail hour.

their forest prints are lovely, and create a serene escape for a bedroom.

or the darker forest print would make a living room relaxing and interesting, and your brighter, bolder-colored art or photography would really stand out against the black.

the warm magenta and the warm chocolate brown of the paisley print are really inspiring and would be motivating in a studio or work space.

this blue print is really pretty. nice rich blue, with a subtle gold print could work anywhere. with the dark color and feminine lines, it would be really warm in a bedroom or living room.