i love, love, love Method!

in our home, we use their non-toxic cleaning supplies and dish detergent, but what i swear by, is Method’s Aircare. we have two of the Aroma Pills in our home. the aroma pills in your choice of scent naturally enhance the air without putting harmful chemicals to mask odors. the aroma pills are effective without being overbearing. my friends are always asking why and how our place smells so wonderful. choose your favorites: vanilla & apple, eucalyptus + mint, sweet water, lavender & lemongrass.
i just can’t recommend this product enough. order it right now from Drugstore.com or directly from Method. Or, if you are in New York, here is a list of all local retailers who carry this fantastic cleaning method. You can find a list for any city in the U.S. or abroad on their helpful, easy and cool-looking website.