Problem: Always losing your keys, cell phone, mind, etc.
Solution: This handy-dandy, monkey-image-inducing, banana cell phone case.

Fred Flare goes a little green with 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth. If you buy this book, or the E Green Living Guide,
and send me a green tip, I will more than happily give you 20% off of your next Enderby purchase.

Go green this summer yourself by keeping your airconditioner low and off when possible. Keep cool by keeping harsh sunlight out with light drapes during the day and fans set on low. Blocking direct sunlight can cut the temperature in your home by several degrees. Remember your old Snoopy Snowcone Maker? Well, Fred Flare is bringin’ it back! Keep cool without the energy-sucking AC this summer with the throw-back to your youth. A nice, cold Snoopy snowcone will remind you of those hot 80’s summers when you openly wore jelly slippers, puff paint and proudly rocked your dangerous slap-bracelet collection. The more neon in one outfit, the better.

Now you can sleep all Thursday until your meeting with Sally Tomato in Sing-Sing with this Holly Golightly Sleep Mask.

Cute Russian dolls pouches.

Adorable, fresh, clean, fun dress. All of these and more cute things at Fred Flare who let’s you walk over and pick your order up at their warehouse right around the corner from our Brooklyn apartment.