My sister Lauren has such a keen eye. She picked this out and framed it. What a lovely, calming image. The shop also carries these gems.

Lauren has amazing taste, and has always been able to create these lovely spaces in her different nests over the years. She has a knack for choosing the most unique, cool things and finding the perfect spot for it in her living or bedroom and making it look like it belongs there. With warm, cozy lighting, comfortable, eclectic and interesting pieces of furniture, Lauren’s home is always changing and growing and becoming more beautiful and interesting and well-organized every time I stay there. My sister has one-of-a-kind pieces from all over the world, and savors the beauty in re-purposing loved one’s antiques. When you walk in Lauren’s house, you feel like you are home. As just a sample of her good taste, these are some of her recent Etsy purchases.

kAtiNkA piNkA! carries the beautiful ring that my sister bought, and the below purple one.

She spotted this, from Your Secret Admirer.

Who also makes these handmade envelopes.


Could this be cuter? I don’t think so.

More of Lauren’s picks to come.