Traveling to new and foreign places and cities is one of my favorite ways to expose yourself to art, new aesthetics, and fresh ideas. Going to far away places makes me appreciate the joy of coming home to Brooklyn even more.

We just love our neighborhood, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The list of reasons why is endless. This is the view from the nearby tree-lined McCarren Park, and the tin-roofed Greek Orthodox church across from the neighborhood garden.

Reason #1: This is what $100 in Brooklyn will get you.

Reason #2: Ugly Luggage Vintage Store

Ugly Luggage on Bedford is one of the best shops around.

Vintage, unique, really rad items and finds at very reasonable prices. Countless items in our home are from Ugly Luggage. These we couldn’t buy today, but had a hard time walking away from. Especially this $350 white modern nesting table.

Wow. This is the coolest. Mod white three movable, pivotable ovals with a chrome, modern stand making this a perfect, forever piece for your nest. It could be just so perfect.

I picked up these really rad nude, barely-there mod stackable storage containers that I will use in my Enderby studio.

We also scored these two large Pyrex bowls. Both for $20!