Will and I are looking for a vintage or 1970’s-inspired wall mural. We’d ideally love a retro forest print to cover an entire wall in the bedroom. We want either an elegant forest print wallpaper from one of my fav U.K. stores Graham & Green, or a really great digital wall mural. When researching on This Next, you’ll never guess where I found a cool mural and a new line of wall paper.

Our original imspiration came from one of our fav neighborhood bars, the crocodile Lounge. They have this great vintage beach scene over-taking an entire section of the relaxed back room.

You really feel like you can hear the surf, feel the sand, and are just waiting for your next margarita.

We thought it would take years to track down an affordable wall mural in the style we want. Who knew that soon enough Target’s previously pretty pathetic wallpaper selection just stepped it up a major notch with these rad Digital Wall Murals!

AND Graham & Brown products!