You don’t need to sport an actual Pink Shower Curtain to appreciate the fantastic vintage home goods this little shop has for your nest.

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I just can’t continue stocking my home with such avid vim & vigor without going broke, so please snag some of these precious treats for your place.

What a great, never-used retro thermos. With the authentic old-school box included, you get the best of both worlds with a new old piece like this.

Vintage linens are a lovely way to bring some of your grandmother’s charm into your modern home. Pink Showercurtain has a great selection of some kitchy, some pretty, all really cool antique tablecloths. These are also a wonderful way of dressing a table for a show or market, if you are an indie designer.

What a pretty little collection of vintage shabby chic crocheted potholders. Just put a few little hooks on your kitchen wall to hang them, and you have a simple yet elegant and orignal wall art, and a convenient spot for your potholders.

How great is this orange mug holder? Very practical too.