“IKEA has always tried to do more with less. This goes hand in hand with our environmental work – to use resources in an economical and careful way.”

I love these lamps from Ikea. Especially the super-duper deal on the first picture, the FADO for just twelve bones! Combine these with the energy-saving light bulbs they have provided their customers with for over ten years.

Ikea is like the American Apparel of home decor. One of the only chain stores I frequent, Ikea provides great staple pieces in sleek, danish, modern design that mixes well with your favorite vintage pieces.

These are some Ikea pieces nestled into our home. The above white pillow with tree branch print, the below doggy butt-hooks and white and plum picture frames with vintage & new prints inside.

Ikea is even better because they are, and have always been, fully committed to our environment. Always an eco-friendly company by using the least amount of packaging possible, and See how Ikea is putting their money where their mouth is with their environmental projects & programs, and their plight to cut down on the amount of plastic used and consumed with their “Bag the Plastic Bag!” campaign.