Here is an easy DIY project anyone can do to spruce up the interior of a medicine cabinet or shelving unit.

*You will need

-contact paper
-measuring tape

(cute handy-man optional)

-Take out the shelves. ALIGN the corner of the contact paper with the corner of the shelf. Slowly WRAP the shelves in the contact paper, using the flat surface of the ruler to SMOOTH out edges and any air pockets.

MEASURE length and width of back surface and cut away extras.

*note: You may need a few pieces to cover area, so be aware of which way the wood grain is going if possible.

ALIGN edge into the corner.

PEEL back carefully.

SMOOTH down with ruler.


Look at what it did to our bathroom medicine cabinet. A faux wood interior to the otherwise white-on-white medicine cabinet. A small detail that adds a bit of texture to the pristine, new WC.

This contact paper was certainly well worth the five bones it cost to purchase.