I want to be like Deborah in one of my fav Pulp songs”Disco 2000″, and have “wood chip on the wall…”

These photographs are of a 1957 California home, designed by E. Stewart Williams. Purchased by silent movie star Billie Dove and her husband, it was then given as an incredibly generous wedding gift to their son. I’ll be lucky if I get a washer/dryer.

A modern delight, the retro architecture is near perfect in a U-shape surrounding the pool.

One of the most interesting elements is the textured walls, with wood chip paneling, bamboo finish, and the dining room wall that was made out of beige grasscloth.

Hard to find and aquire, I looked for elements that could be added, fairly easily, to your own home and came up with a few options. You can find faux wood paneling here. Will and I have talked about creating a wood-paneled wall in our future home. It is something you wait until you buy to do, but til then this rad faux wood contact paper is tiding us over for some smaller projects. Check the next Nest entry for our DIY Faux Wood contact paper shelf project.