One Up Designs has some cool and beautiful wall graphics. The above tree decal is an example of the custom orders this great shop provides as well as their own designs.

Nest has featured vinyl wall stickers and more, but this really caught my eye.

With better prices than most, and from a fantastic Etsy shop, this may be just what we were looking for.

The only downside I’m seeing is that they are indeed removable, but not re-positionable. Yes, I made up that word. So these would work best on something you want to keep the decal on 4LYF like a guitar case, shelf or a wall in your home where the furniture is pretty much set in stone.

As I said, you can take them off, but then you can not put them back on. So they are a one-hit-wonder, but well worth it for half the price of most other vinyl wall decals. With a great sense of design and humor (note the monkeys), someone should order these STAT.