Enderby needs a new sewing table. The studio is in a place of transition right now, as it always is. Ever-evolving and out-growing the space. I need a table I can roll if possible, that also will hold my sewing machine and the weight it takes with every-day usage. And storage. If there could be some storage up in that mug, it’d be tight. I have been searching Craigslist, Ebay and local thrift, second-hand and vintage shops. I could also go the Ikea-route until we move and have a larger workspace. But for now, I need something better than what I have going on. It’s a great tabel, but not large enough and very heavy, which makes moving it difficult.
I am open to suggestions and would love tips and help.

My name is Jonas Ikea desk looks pretty rad, and would be a good hundred-bone-band-aid until we find the perfect fit. I would prefer to find a reasonable vintage alternative. Bring on the ideas….