I have wanted an authentic hand-carved cuckoo clock since I was a little girl. They are so kitchy and fantastic with such precision and detail and craftsmanship in their creation. Unable to shell out thousands for what a real, antique Swiss one would cost, this is a rad alternative for the meantime.

For a girl with an affinity for everything aviary, Day-Lab is a radical shop that I can’t believe I am just finding now.

With Day-Lab’s collection of mid-century vintage flying friends, I could go crazy in this fantastic shop.

And boy do I love a unique, vintage planter? The answer would be yes. Yes, I do. Love them. And these Swans are combining two adorations of mine: Gardening and Birds. Another fantastic combination is this Seagull Mobile. Suspending art from the ceiling is a wonderful way of morphing your walls, creating a more intimate space and a way to keep your eyes interested and stimulated. This mobile from Denmark does just this with these hand-crafted lovely white seagulls flocking to your nest.

SCIENCE! These periodical table chart symbol for Salt & Pepper shakers are hilarious and informative.