Will and I switched closets and work spaces for our indie businesses Handstand and Enderby. We needed to mix things up a bit to get ourselves organized and motivated. It’s amazing what just swapping sides will do for your creative feng shui. I am very visual, get distracted easily, and am engrossed in the aesthetic of my surroundings. The space where my eyes tend to wander needs to be beautiful and inspirational. My creative nook, corner, space, is positioned right next to one of the windows where the view is of trees and a loft space roof where birds fly and rest and hang out.

The wall juxtapositioned next to this view is painted a lovely robin’s egg blue which is lush next to my pretty in pink sewing machine. I added a whole collection of favorite photographs and images to this wall where I face when working, to keep the juices flowing.

With new designs, new seasons, new friends, new projects, we needed new, fresh energy in our studio for Handstand and Enderby.