This is what I did this weekend.

A four part mural inspired by the fantastic 1970’s stretched canvas pieces that I love so much. In our Handstand Records and Enderby studio, there is a huge part of the wall that is made up of the 3 white doors to our closet space.

The room is painted a vibrant Robin’s Egg blue, and the closet doors are white. With four colors, carefully chosen, I divided the panels into 5 horizonatal sections, and then hand-drew the mountain range on in a light pencil. Painting from the top to the bottom, this easy project was complete in one afternoon/evening.

To finish it off, I switched the standard, kinda tattered chrome door knob, with a new one I found on sale at Anthropologie. Super easy because I already had the door knob screwed off to complete the paint job.

Originally inspired by my favorite vintage tee shirt that has a similar image, I first realized that this was a DIY home decor project we could actually accomplish when seeing the below photograph in my new favorite book. This Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, published in 1975, is the most amazing publication.

A full step-by-step guide to any and every DIY home decor project. 400 pages filled with incredible design, endless inspiration, and the most wonderful collection of 1960’s-70’s space-age decor and ideas. Fan-freakin-tastic!

I found this rad find in my fav Etsy shop, run by my fav girl.

Sidedish has become a staple in Nest, and provides me with endless inspiration and a plethora of perfect pieces.