Caroline Bolter is the smart, sassy and stylish maven behind the ingenious and very best of on-line boutiques My Bonnie & Clyde. An artist and actress, Caroline has a keen eye for indie designs, an interest in great green tips, and a heart of gold. Here, Nest interviews the L.A.-based fashionista and gets a special glimpse into her home.

Nest: How and when did you start your lovely web boutique, My Bonnie & Clyde

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Caroline Bolter:
I started brainstorming for My Bonnie & Clyde back in the early summer months of 2005.
Building from the ground up, I bought a book on learning basic html, and
searched around for information regarding how to start an online business.
I contacted some of my artist friends, convinced them to sign on, and
before I knew it, My Bonnie & Clyde was officially opened that Fall. It was a teeny little site, but I was so proud of my baby! It’s been growing steadily ever since, and I have big hopes for it in the future!

N: What are some of your style and home decor inspirations?

C.B.: I’ve always thought I have a pretty eccentric style. At the same time,
I’ve always been drawn to vintage and antique items because they carry
such an ‘old world’ feeling.

My kitchen is a work in French-Provincial work in progress with fleur-de-lis paying ode to my Louisianan roots.

My bathroom is a soft pink and ivory giving a romantic feeling to the space.

My bedroom is a strange collection of art with vibrant colors and flowing lines, as I tend to dislike harsh edges.

My living room is probably the most ‘together’ in the whole place.

It has a lot of books, a lot of iron and wood, red and pink hues, and a homage to my acting background, with old Audrey Hepburn posters.

My home also has a lot of spiritual influence, such as an altar, incense, crosses, etc. as I like to have a connection to my spiritual beliefs surrounding me.

N: How do you find a balance between your creative and living space?

C.B. I need my living space to be surrounded by items that inspire me creatively. When I am doing my artwork, I usually just plop down in the center of the living room floor, and pull out all of my millions of craft supplies. When I am working on My Bonnie & Clyde, I try to stay sitting at my desk, so that I don’t get distracted by fun crafty things.

N: How, if at all, do you incorporate earth-friendly habits into your
home and business routine?

C.B. I am a recycling hound, when it comes to bottles, papers (whether used or not), cardboard, etc. I save all the boxes and packing materials from incoming artists and reuse them for outgoing purchases. When I am home during the day, I don’t use any lights, I just open all of the blinds and curtains until dark. I am a vegetarian and am trying to limit my food to organics, and getting better at it! I also have a couple of links on My Bonnie & Clyde,
linking to some of my favorite earth friendly sites. If you have any additional suggestions for me, please feel free to send them my way!

N: Do you have any great home decor or house-keeping tips, ideas or

C.B. My advice for a great home decor is to fill your space with items that you connect to on some level. It will make you feel like your home reflects a portion of your personality, and make you more ‘at home’ in your space. It
doesn’t matter what your style is, what matters is that it is your own!
As far as housekeeping, I dust everything in the place every other
weekend. It’s really helpful in keeping my allergies and sinus problems to
a manageable level, and keeps the dry desert dust to a minimum. (Los
Angeles is a dusty place, since there is a lot of breeze, and not a lot of

TIP: If you have company coming over in a pinch, and don’t have but a
few minutes to clean up, my suggestion is vacuuming! A vacuumed floor
makes a huge difference in the cleanliness feel of a room.

TIP: Any time I have a cleaning, stain removal, or decorating
question, I go directly to If that makes me an old
lady, then bring on the rocking chair!

Nest: Not an old lady at all! Bring on the Martha-pedia. Yes, there is going to be one.

Thank you, Caroline! Thank you for the fantastic tips and for opening up your warm and welcoming doors to us Nesters. You have a beautiful, eclectic home with a sharp eye for a perfect mix of old and new, sentiment and symmetry.

And most of all, Miss Caroline, thank you oh-so-much for bringing such a lovely shop to us in My Bonnie & Clyde. NEST
readers who order directly from My Bonnie & Clyde should email and mention “NEST” to receive FREE shipping thru Sept. 3.

With a fantastic mix of designs and artists, your little idea has grown into something fabulous. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Fall.