Gyula Halász, known as Brassai, was a Hungarian-born French photographer who so beautifully and intimately captured the romance and the underbelly of Paris at night.

I’ve had this postcard of the couple in a cafe` and one of Matisse from his series of artists since junior high school. They have been framed, taped, or tacked onto the wall of every home I’ve had since then.

Never being able to choose just one to buy or frame, Will and I looked through one of the lesser-quality books I have of Brassai’s work putting Post-Its on favorite pieces. We put together this series and hung it in our bedroom.

Originally with the intent of framing each one, we ended up liking the simplicity of a photograph and a push pin against the warm, rich green.

“Bijou” in Place Pigalle Bar, photograph by Brassaï, 1932. I don’t have a copy of this yet, but I love this one. This woman has lived a lot of life.