Fall is the time for argyle knee socks, bright orange pumpkins, yellow leaves, pinecones, plaid, and mulling spices.

Mulling spices are a very simple way to make your home warm, cozy and smelling fresh and delicious. Just pick a few of your favorite autumnal spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, and put a handful in a pot of water.

Bring pot to a light simmer, and keep it there. Add water or spices as needed to create a clean, autumnal aroma. You are just 10 minutes away from a kitchen that smells as good as Martha’s.

Mulling spices smell so wonderful and are great to have on hand after cooking a heavy meal, or one with pungent after-smells of heavy garlic or onion. They are great during the Fall and Winter seasons when the heat drys the air in your apartment or home. If you have a cold or flu, boiling some water with spices, herbs like eucalyptus or lemon is really good for you and adds moisture to the air.

Mulling Spices from Williams-Sonoma. Expensive but amazing.