City Street Score: Robin’s Egg Blue Armoir with French doors

We got this blue armoir for FREE. Yes, free. Our next door neighbors put it outside of their apartment right as I was walking the dog one day. I decided that it was too good to pass up, and would be gone by the time Will got home from work. So I alone, did some sort of one-woman shimmy to get this puppy inside. My white slip-on Vans show the effort, and once we carried it upstairs that evening, I could see how worth it that public embarrassment was. The lovely robin’s egg blue compliments the Manhattan painting and vintage Fredrick Douglas poster we have, so we placed them together over the new kitchen table set-up. It pays to drag lightly used pieces into your home. With a little sprucing and some new knobs, this armoir might turn out to be one of our best city street scores.

My friend and neighbor Jenna passed these vintage kitsch plates down to me when her kitchen filled up with wedding registry items. I thought they were great pieces and look fantastic with our vintage canisters.