We are blessed with a huge and wonderful family, and were totally spoiled with lovely things for ourselves and our nest this Christmas. These are just a few of our favorites….

One of the many of a myriad of perfect scores, my future mother-in-law gave Will and I these picture frames.

I love how deep they are.

I adore and asked for these perfect mustard flats from J.Crew. A store I always discount for being too pricey has had (still expensive but worth it in value) such classic pieces I have been lured back. With a classic look, this chain has made me return from a long absence. These shoes were coveted and asked for by yours truly, and since receiving them I see why. Rich color and comfortable support, they are fantastic for my printed sock collection from TopShop.

My sister Lauren, who has the best taste, gave me this precious vase.

It is a piece from one of Martha Stewart’s many entrepreneurial ventures, as is the glass vessel below.

The etched winter woodland scene fits into our home perfectly. Martha always does.

Between Martha’s Macy’s collection, her section at crafts at Michael’s, AND her killer home decor aisles at KMART, you can find our girl’s “good things” everywhere.

My mom and Jan gave me this great vintage Dutch mixing bowl. There were two in the antique store, one for my sister and one for me. The bowl sits next to a fav scent, the Method soy candle in Hollyberry.

Justin gave us this really rad vintage bowling pin. It is so cool and right now is sitting on top of our ‘Six Feet Under’ box set. Best. Show. EVER.

Most hilarious gift:

“Two Less Lonely People” cross-stitch custom-designed by Petra.

I asked for the Dirt Devil Kone hand vacuum cone this year. A really cool cleaning instrument.

Seriously, I am super-stoked to dust and simplify my house-work, while rocking a plum dust buster. I love the Kone!

Next to it is another thing we asked for, an
air purifier. One of those items we’ve wanted for years and just had never bought for ourselves. One more check on our to-do list.

Thank you!!! THANK YOU!!!