A fabulous winter cocktail is as simple as a pomegranate and champagne mixture. Will and I enjoy the peach and pomegranate bellini’s at our favorite spot for brunch, N. 6 just around the corner from our place.

Bellinis have been my favorite cocktail since my sister Lauren and I had them for the first time in Zurich, Switzerland, circa 1997. Will and I just did our own simple spin on the drink for our New Year’s Eve party using organic pomegranates.

Organic food has countless benefits and is totally worth whatever the price increase. Think of some of the things you and I spend money on, and then we complain that the food we consume isn’t worth the extra few dollars. Produce is one of the most important things to go organic with first. Hormones, pesticides and preservatives are not only bad for you, but take away from the nutritional value of what you consume. Especially with strawberries, tomatoes and pomegranates. The seeds are so sweet and flavorful, you a) don’t want the toxins in your food, and b) don’t want to water down the taste with hormones or preservatives. So, go organic if at all possible.

Classic Bellini Recipe:

1 medium ripe, peeled and pureed peach
4 – 6 oz Champagne

Our Recipe:
-Cut 1 organic pomegranate into fourths and began separating the seeds from the peel. -Place seeds in a bowl with a small spoon for serving.
-Add a spoonful (or more) of your seeds to each glass of champagne.

Quick Tip: Extracting the seeds is an easy task, but be careful of the deep red juice. Delicious and super for your body, the crimson liquid vitamin C will stain if you don’t clean your cutting boards and counter-tops promptly.

Well worth the risk and time, the pomegranate seeds can be extracted and eaten on their own, or added to your champagne to create a celebratory cocktail.