-Recycled Magazines + Dropcloth
-Vintage Contact Paper
-Measuring Tape


-Take everything off of and away from the walls. Including the shelves and brackets.

-Tape the edges, leaving the lip of the wall by the kitchen white.

-Put down recycled newspaper, magazines or your drop cloth.

-Before opening your paint, be sure to shake the can well for about 30 seconds to a minute.

-Open your paint can and stir well.

-Begin painting around the taped edges.

QUICK TIP: *A sponge works really well for smooth, splatter-proof edges.

Allow time to dry, then add second coat if necessary.

For an added bonus, cover your plain white shelves with some vintage contact paper of your choice. I chose an Eames-era gold-leaf print I found on Ebay.

Once your final coat is thoroughly dry and you have successfully wrapped your shelves in contact paper, you are ready to reveal the finished project. You can now hang your pictures, and put the shelves and light switch back.


I painted the light switch a metallic gold to match the vintage lamp and flying bird. It really finishes the project.

The warm chocolate brown makes the “bar” and “hall” area are much more defined and aesthetically pleasing.