Organization can be a lovely element that enhances the decor of your home.

It takes a little innovation to start looking at your pieces and containers as useful tools to keep your home functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Some of my favorite pieces to use for organizing are antique luggage and suitcases, old school lunch boxes, Pyrex, old Mason jars, and vintage canisters.

Using the vintage luggage of my mother and grandmother is, by far, my favorite way to keep my things in.

My good friend Alison Appleseed’s has the best collection of vintage luggage.

Piles of perfect pieces filled with memories of train and airplane trips. By who and to where, we’ll never know. Now they keep Alison and John’s home well organized and give everything a home of its own.

My Papa made this white shelf. It was an old picture frame that he cleaned, painted and added shelves to for my mom when she was little. I then used it as a little girl in my bedroom, and now have it in our Brooklyn apartment. It holds some antique purses and colored glass from my Nana, aunts and mom.

Here I took a great crisp white and black print vintage Pyrex piece to use by the kitchen sink.

It is the perfect container to hold our dish + hand soap and sponges.

What aesthetically-pleasing pieces do you use to create organization in your nest?