Well, the time has come, my friends. March will be HOME RE-FASHION month over at Threadbanger, and I will produce and hostess at least a month of DIY Decor shows!

Continuing Nest’s idea that style starts at home, our weekly show will help you rad your pad and make your house a home.

We will have inspiring DIY projects, easy step-by-step lessons, and will provide quick home upgrades and helpful decor tips.

Rob and Corinne of Threadbanger are the experts on DIY fashion. They came to Brooklyn last year to interview me on Enderby. It was then that they discovered Nest, and asked me to be the expert on DIY HOME.

Ever since, we have been brain-storming, conceptualizing and developing our very own DIY HOME show.

I will be sure keep you informed on the air date (March 3rd or 4th), link and how to send in videos of YOUR DIY projects. Get started filming any nesting questions you have, or DIY decor you have created, and send it in to the show. The most unique projects will be featured on the Threadbanger blog and right here on Nest. ALSO, the nesters with the coolest DIY projects will receive free gifts, prizes and 1 lucky DIY-er will get a home detox kit from Method.

We want to see if there is a DIY Decor community out there interested in a weekly DIY home podcast.

If this is something you would be interested in, spread the word, send in questions, comments and footage, and I will do my best to keep ’em coming!