Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your own chalkboard paint calendar.


-A surface area for your calender. I am using a recycled piece of wood that I discarded from a previous project.
-Chalkboard paint. You can pick some up
here, here, and there is this spray paint.
-Paint for your grid
-Painters tape or masking tape
-Paint brushes

Let’s get started!

Tape the edges, and paint inside with your chalkboard paint.

Choose the paint for your grid. Pick some that will pop against the chalkboard paint, and preferably use some left over supplies from a previous project.

Once the chalkboard paint has dried, repeat for a 2nd coat if necessary.

Then TAPE 6 horizontal, equidistant lines for your weeks.

Paint in between the tape for the first part of your grid.

One dried, carefully remove the paint.

Begin taping 7 vertical lines for your days.

Tape a horizontal line across for your MONTHS, and a thinner stripe across for your days of the week.

Once the paint has dried a bit, carefully remove the tape.

Write in your month and days.

Add the very important dates and celebrations in the up-coming month, like