Lighting is the back-bone of your home’s aesthetic.

If you want to make ONE change to up-grade the look and feel of a space, I say invest in your lighting. There are so many cool ideas out there for us to tackle, I had to make 2 episodes dedicated to DIY lighting.

The first installment aired yesterday, where I made a Structured Blossom lamp, as seen on Design Sponge, here.

I added the element of color in the red lamp, and in my shades I used twice the felt I anticipated because I loved the really dense look. Spin it how ever you want, and share the result by sending me photos to

Check the Decor It Yourself Fanpage to see iconic lighting fixtures through the decades. Familiarize yourself with choice pieces you may want to collect over the years. This will help you score a sweet deal when you stumble across one.

See you next week with Part 2 of DIY Lighting!