Whether you have recently watched Food Inc., read one of Michael Pollan’s informative books, or have just been hearing the information about what is in our meat these days, you may be wanting to make a change. On the Decor It Yourself Facebook page yesterday, I pledged to start each week with a Meatless Monday.

My husband is a vegetarian, to him and to all vegetarian and vegans out there- BRAVO! This whole post and pledge is dedicated to you for making responsible, healthy, and above all, kind choices every single day. Thank you.

For the rest of us, this is a way for us to make a difference. I wanted to officially pledge to (at least) cut out meat one day a week with this awesome initiative and see who would join me. I was thrilled to see so many of you are! Please share your stories, recipes, and journey with our Nest readers and Decor It Yourself viewers by commenting here. We can really help each other out with this.

If we cut out meat just ONE day a week, it will reduce our consumption by 15%. Reducing the amount of meat we eat doesn’t just save a lot of animals, but it cuts down on a tremendous amount of energy it takes to ship the meat. Cutting down on our meat consumption opens up a lot of grass to have free-range farms instead of factories that manipulate the animals we eat, and feed them hormones and anti-biotics in order to survive in their unhealthy conditions. This movement will also provide a day to recognize that we have a choice in what we put in our body, and can change our body’s and planet’s health by making the right choices.

Here are lists of delicious vegetarian recipes from a few key websites to help you go Meatless on Mondays. Each link is that site’s list of vegetarian recipes.:

The Meatless Mondays website offers weekly up-dates on this list of recipes to help you keep your pledge.

Food & Wine Magazine


Everyday Food

International Vegetarian Union

Top Tastes


What are your favorites? Send them in, add some photos or video, and they could be featured on the blog or on Decor It Yourself! Best of luck with Meatless Mondays!

xo, Meatless Monday Meg

P.S. This sticker was on a vegan burger my sister got from our fav veg place in Brooklyn, Foodswings. It worked.