I love juicing. I have found it to be a working woman’s best friend in so many ways. Starting my day off with a healthy juice gives me the energy I need, plus a ton of nutrients and vitamins that I need that I can’t always fit into my daily routine when things get really busy.

You can specifically choose foods that meet your body’s health needs. Here are some delicious foods that come along with powerful health benefits.


Apples: Diabetes maintenance, reduces asthma, cancer prevention, lowers cholesterol, protects bones.
Carrots: A power food, antiseptic, fights cancer, improves vision, has anti-aging effects.
Cucumbers: Hydrates, is great for skin, teeth, and gums, helps diabetes, aids digestion, helps weight loss.
Spinach: A power food, amazing for bones, brain, nervous system, skin, immunity, vision, blood pressure, waistline, and is an anti-inflammatory.
Lemon: Fight cancer & heart disease, prevents infection, is  blood purifier, good for teeth & gums, skin, stomach.
Pineapple: Has a ton of vitamins & minerals like A, C, & calcium, helps arthritis, digestion, gums, and bones.
Ginger: Helps with motion & morning sickness & menstrual cramps, fights cancer, cold & flu prevention, reduces pain & inflammation.
Flaxseed Meal and Hemp Seed: Biggest source of omegas, a huge anti-inflammatory, fights cancer, aids digestion, cuts down on belly fat.

These are some of my favorite juice recipes and below the video is a Round-Up of the best juice recipes out there.

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