Wayfair is having a Blogger’s Design Challenge where you could choose between 3 pieces of furniture and add your DIY touch to it. I chose this coffee table and when it arrived I loved the clean lines and modern design of it so much, I had to chuck my idea that involved lots of paint. I just didn’t have the heart. Instead I came up with an interchangeable/removable idea for those of us who change our minds frequently. See how to make the DIY faceted gems here.

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DIY Washi Tape Modern Table

You’ll Need:

Washi Tape. These are from Catbird.
Start by adding one triangle. Add varying length straight lines building out from your first triangle to create an organic, abstract geometric shape. 

Make hexagons, polygons, triangles of different widths and heights. Keep adding until you like the finished shape.


Make shapes like diamonds or a 3D triangle and switch out the designs as frequently as you want. I am loving the gold on the dark wood table, but next up…NEON.

If you like these you will LOVE the up-coming video that I shot with Corinne while she was here in NYC last month for her series on About.com, Recreate. Hint: Geometric. Embroidery. Ornaments.