As I crawl through the trenches of an Epic DIY Weekend I can’t help but pause to share some of the creations I am making with you. You, and only you, will see these until they air in video form on The Knot in January. One project that they asked for was a non traditional bouquet, using either fabric or jewelry. I have a huge collection of vintage family jewelry that I have whipped together with some supplies to make into a Bauble Bouquet. You will see the full how-to soon enough.

I need to up-grade the handle to make it sturdier, but the overall design is set and ready and I am loving how it looks. 

The above branches will be spray-painted gold, the fringe will be turned into garlands, the below to-do list will be accomplished, and every craft supply I own will be packed, all before I turn into a pumpkin at go time Monday morning.

After all this is checked off the list, I plan on continuing my one-woman Santa’s workshop as I am indeed, MAKING ALMOST ALL OF MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS THIS YEAR. What are YOU getting into this weekend? Making presents, buying presents, or both?