We hosted another long, lazy, lovely brunch this Sunday with our favorite New Yorkers and it was wonderful. The sweet company was the very best part, but the menu was nothing to scoff at either.

 We had avocado pie, macaroni + cheese puffs, vegan quiches, salad with roasted walnuts, flaxseed croissants, and oh dear goodness the Bloody Mary’s.

 Last time I added the Old Bay INTO the pitcher, but this time I rimmed it. I put some Old Bay onto a small dish and added a touch of sea salt to the mix. I sliced some lemons and rubbed the lemon juice along the rim of each glass, then dipped the rim into the Old Bay/sea salt mixture. Check for the full recipe.

A cozy, enjoyable time was had by all. Including the puppies.

Barret and Gloria on The Eames.

Human loves and baby puppy loves.