This Saturday I shot a MACC video showing you lovely viewers some really helpful hints + tips of how to throw a smashing party with ease. The video was sponsored by Hot Tom, who provided a huge, delicious spread of foods and a bevy of beverages for us to enjoy. I will, of course, share the video with you here when it is up, but until then enjoy a little taste of the lovely event.

I made some fun and festive decor. Not FULL ON Valentine’s Day themed, but there was a little lovey dovey/let’s-make-out vibe in the air. The above arrow and garland moment welcomed our friends as they entered our home. You can learn to make your own arrows when my tutorial of the arrows goes up on Whimseybox tomorrow.

Everyone ate, drank, was merry, and went home with their own Hot Tom’s as a party favor. A fabulous video will debut on Meg allan Cole Crafts (MACC) very shortly and I’ll share it with you here when it does.