If dads read blogs mine would be proud of this post, as it’s very dad-worthy and Coach-approved. Yes, my dad goes by Coach, as he was a football coach for 30 years and like a doctor with a PHD, takes his title SERIOUSLY. You should too unless you want a “knuckle sandwich”.

I love a beautiful vintage wooden dresser or coffee table and often come across stellar pieces in vintage stores. Sometimes they have lovely lines and incredible design but the wood is needing some serious TLC/DIY action. I firmly believe it is almost always best to preserve the original wood instead of painting over something with such potential, so here is a quick and easy way to take an antique wood piece and breath new life into it. 

You’ll Need:

-Old English furniture polish 
-A few rags you’ll be happy to pitch after OR paper towels
-Maybe a mask + gloves if you’re pregs, you can never be too careful

Step 1- Make sure the furniture that you are going to polish is dusted, clean, and dry and is in a ventilated space.

Step 2- Shake the furniture polish.

Step 3- Add a dab to a cloth and test a small hidden portion of the wood.

Step 4- Add small amounts to your cloth and gently rub it in a circular motion into the entire surface of your furniture being careful to avoid contact with any linens, clothing, and skin.

Step 5- Allow to dry and step back and admire your newly-improved, protected + polished piece of wood furniture.

This is a great way to protect a favorite piece that you already have or help out a great vintage find that needs some assistance. To see How To Refinish a Table click here. And for more cool DIYs involving reclaimed or repurposed wood check out my DIY a Reclaimed Wood Wall and my DIY Wood Wall Hanging.