Yesterday’s DIY Graphic Bulletin Board project on Rue was inspired heavily by Elvis Presley’s bold black and gold TV room. The velvet sectional is couch perfection, the mirrored coffee table makes my heart skip a beat, and the above-lit op art mural is everything. Above all, the design anchor of the room is the black and gold color palette which so perfectly embodies a 1970’s masculine vibe.
My brain started churning out ideas as soon as I feasted my eyes on the room, so it BEGGED the question why I haven’t been to Graceland yet? At the very least, I had to hunt and gather a collection of photographs of one of the most incredible homes in the entire world and share them with you.

You can find endless aesthetic inspiration in Elvis Presley’s gorgeous Graceland. It’s room after room filled with lush fabrics, opulent stained glass, and luxurious wallpaper. You can even take a 360-degree, from wall-to-wall-carpet to original wood ceiling beams, VIRTUAL TOUR of Graceland from the comfort of your own sunken sectional here.

Graceland Photos:
Photo 1 from The Fab Web
Photos 2 from 50 States or Less
Photos 3 and 4 from The Rambling Road Warrior