This weekend I…

Made this.  Here is a little sneak peek of a fun DIY that I made for small fries. The project and step-by-step tutorial will be a part of the April launch of Well Rounded NY, a cool urban pregnancy blog and the new endeavor of friend, Kaity Velez.

Ate this. Will makes his famous “Megg McMuffin” for us on weekends sometimes and they are always delicious. Make your own with this easy equation: Egg + Faux Bacon + Cheese + English muffin/Roll/Bun = MEGG MCMUFFIN

Listened to this. As I’ve mentioned, The Pixies are my all-time favorite band and I LOVE me some Al Green, so when my friend Emmie shared this next-level mix of the two I kinda had a MAJOR MUSIC MOMENT. To say the least, I dig. I am into it and life is a little sweeter for hearing it.

Watched This. We finished our plight to see ALL of the Best Picture nods in time for the exciting Academy Awards.  The highlights for me were the wins of Jennifer Lawrence and Ang Lee last night, as Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook were both incredible films. Two of the very best. As for Oscar Couture, yes Amy Adams, yes Jane Fonda, and YES Charlize Theron. No, Seth McFarland. Just no.

What did YOU kids get into this weekend?