My mom told me that my nana used to have this little wooden box hanging in her kitchen with a plant in it. I found it a couple of weeks ago while visiting my parent’s who now live in my Nana and Papa’s old family home. My parents have put on a beautiful addition to our family homestead that breathes new life into the space, yet they have maintained and honored the original core of the house. The natural progression of passing the house down a generation would make my grandparents happier than I can even imagine. When we unearth such sweet relics of their home as it once was, like this little wooden box, it makes me feel like they are watching over it all, and are still with us in some way.
Make your own:
 -Add a little metal box inside the wooden one you are using
-Layer pebbles and soil into the metal box
-Add your plant and cover it with more soil
-Place your little metal box inside the wooden one and hang
-When watering, be sure the water goes into the interior metal box
*Pro-Tip: Choose a plant that doesn’t need a lot of root room, and one that will hang down in front as it grows. Why? ‘Cause it looks pretty, that’s why.
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