I’ve been hardcore crushing on these Marimekko tumblers since I added them to my Amazon wishlist last fall. In wishlist-time, that is officially FOREVER ago. I am just into them in a weird way, imagining one an arm’s reach away on my bedside table, coffee table, ALL of my tables. Not a one has magically come my way and just as I was going to bite the over-priced bullet I saw Ikea’s version of the design. I am no math wiz but they are like a bagillion dollars less and quite comparable in design, so they will tide me over until the crush fades or I score a set of the originals. 

A big bonus to the Ikea version: avoiding a major heart attack when I inevitably break the glass. When it comes to me and spilling, it’s a love affair that started long ago and will continue forevs. Me + Spilling + Breaking = Together forever. It’s not a question of if, it’s when. So that $1.50 price helps prevent a heart attack more than a daily dose of Bayer.
Also: Pikasso shirt I need you Flamingo glass you’re too cute for summer.